Paulo Rivera

Full-Stack Web Developer

Based in Tokyo, persuing my dream to become a great developer and help people with their businesses!

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Cocktail Nebula
Planet Gaze AR - Coming Soon!

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Demo Day

Im Paulo, A Ruby on Rails developer Based in Tokyo. Curious about Science, Technology and Astronomy. Originally from Guatemala City, Where i used to work as a Customer Service Supervisor.

I used to help people to fix their phones, and was a job that required lots of patience. but while others were complaning about their job i was learning that help others makes people feel happier, So now being a developer i want make my skills grow while I help people with great ideas and their businesses to keep their expansion.

Since a kid, I've always been passionate about tech, and wanted to become a developer, but I didn't have the chance to finish secondary school back in my country.

In Tokyo, I started to work on construction, but felt like that job was not for me, and decided to become what I always wanted, and after 9 weeks at Le Wagon coding bootcamp I had the best experience of my life, and met amazing people, at the end I became a Ruby on Rails Developer, with knowledge of javaScript, Bootstrap, SQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Geocoding.

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Le Wagon's Batch #252, Tokyo

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