Dream-om will help you find Plots, houses and architects easy and fast without useless filters and most important, without wasting your time 😉


Im pretty sure you know how difficult and messy is to buy land or to get an architect, Looking to all those filters and possibilities is a headache. That's why we decided to create Dream-Om, to help you find land and plots without having to filter thousands of results that other websites just throw at your screen.

And if you already chose land or a house, what about if we present you with the best architects in London? An optional feature lets you choose an architect to really help you build your dream home!

Development Notes

The project deadline was of 2 Weeks, I was in charge of getting real data from API's, JSON files and injecting that data into the database, as well as some logic across all the site, Personalized the markers on the maps, added photos to the plots, More button on the plots list, maintained database, and Some JavaScript for the Front End of the site.

This Site was developed with Ruby on Rails, next are some of the gems used: select2, pragmatic segmenter, devise, pundit, simple form, uglyfier, carrierwave, webpacker, cloudinary and geocoder, maps powered by mapbox


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